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Michigan is okay. I should be happier, I'm not. I'm having a lot of "the grass is always greener" feelings and I'm trying to tell myself "the grass is greener where you water it" but I miss Cali and I miss Florida and while I was never 100% happy either place because my life wasn't all into place - I am only 50% here and that's all adam getting me to fifty because new town and no friends is hard. Adam has no friends here - they all kept moving away so we're both at ground zero there.

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you missed your chance for a phone call from me and Oddlet.  we were in the same place at the same time.  we ate fries and make our game plans for the zombie apocalypse.   i can't believe someone else i know plays this game.   i also told her how peter, christey and i play, how would we survive if we were dropped into medievel times.  peter says i can't invent the hamburger, i don't see it having strong future implications.  cooking won't get me killed as being a witch, hopefully.

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I txt'd my new landlady if she wanted me to let her dogs out cause she wasn't home yet adn it was getting late. so she texts back.

"yes thanks..blah blah 12 hour day so far so much wow..ugh"

and I'm like

"hey someone's got to keep a roof over my head".

she laughed. :P

le sigh

Being here alone is old.

It's so difficult being married but not having your husband anywhere around.

You  feel weird at single things, you feel weird at the couple things.

It makes me realize why people have kids to cure boredom.